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Amazon could be a new jewelry seller

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The media in the United States have published that Amazon, one of the most important e-commerce websites, has applied for a patent for “For Keeps by Amazon,” according to a filing with the US patent office. The patent was filed September 19 and it includes a logo.

That the patent would be used for both “precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals” the “online retail sales of jewelry.” It is important to remembering the company sell jewelry of other brands, but is probably the company is preparing its own brand jewelry.

Amazon did not comment nothing about the supposed patent

The company sells over 70 private-label brands, covering items ranging from diapers to batteries, as well as several clothing and fashion labels. Some have even suggested that, given Amazon’s domination of e-commerce, its private-label strategy could come close to violating antitrust laws.

E-commerce website already sells several thousand jewelry items as part of its collection company, whose is composed for brands like Tiffany’s Co.

“Website has used Amazon Collection as its one and only jewelry brand for years,” says Kristin Cherry Jackson, a former Amazon senior category merchant manager for jewelry who is now a managing partner at 21C Jewelry Solutions.

Many specialist assure is not secure the success in this market, because the company have “mixed success” in all items ranging and did not exist emotional connection with jewelry and clients in this platform.

In 2004, it launched an Amazon jewelry store with more than 75,000 items, all sold with a 13 percent markup. Founder Jeff Bezos even commissioned a special wooden box to ship the items, that he aimed to be “as iconic as Tiffany’s,”, but the category didn’t live up to expectations and eventually the site moved on to other things.

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